APCOA PARKING Danmark A/S's mission is to offer the best and most convenient customer-friendly solutions in the parking industry. At APCOA PARKING Danmark A/S we view parking as a service. Therefore, we constantly work on making parking easy and hassle-free to the benefit of both car drivers and customers.

When your car is parked you no longer need to struggle with a pay and display machine or a parking ticket. In the app you can register your car via its license plate and hereafter simply start your parking.

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Lyngby Storcenter

Lyngby Storcenter offers a wide range of shopping opportunities with more than 100 shops. In addition, there is an associated underground car park with 1080 parking spaces on two levels. The car park is open 24 hours a day and offers one hour of free parking. Afterwards, the price is DKK 6, - per. half hour started.

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New parking system in Lyngby Storcenter

APCOA PARKING Denmark manages the underground car park beneath Lyngby Storcenter, which uses an automatic number plate registration system (ANPR) to control entry and exit. The new parking system was implemented following a desire from Lyngby Storcenter to digitize the car park, so that their customers could save time and avoid being hold up in queues.

How does it work?

With the automatic number plate registration system (ANPR), the traditional toll-bar system has been replaced by high-tech cameras that record the number plates of the cars that visit and leave the car park. This means that you no longer have to worry about neither the parking disc dial nor parking fines, as the process has been digitized. It also means that the traffic is not stopped at either entry or exit and that there is no longer a risk of queuing up.

When you are ready to leave the parking garage, you can either finish your payment in a payment machine on site, or choose to check out in APCOA PARKING Denmark's parking app APCOA FLOW. If you have registered as a user in APCOA FLOW and associated your account with a registration number and a means of payment, the payment is handled automatically on exit, so you do not have to do anything manually either when entering or leaving next time you park in APCOA PARKING's car park at Lyngby Storcenter.

Should you prefer to wait and pay for your parking later, you can pay up to 48 hours after leaving the car park. This can be done in the APCOA FLOW app or at www.apcoaflow.dk, without any additional fees being charged.

Do you have to pay or check out? Want to set up a user so you can easily pay in the future? Would you like to complain?


  • 1080 parking spaces on two levels.
  • 1 hour free parking - then charge of DKK 6, - per. half hour started.
  • Free parking on Sundays.
  • Open 24/7
  • Maximum height of vehicles is 1,80m.

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More info

If you have any questions about parking in Lyngby Storcenter, please contact us at the following

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