APCOA PARKING Danmark A/S's mission is to offer the best and most convenient customer-friendly solutions in the parking industry. At APCOA PARKING Danmark A/S we view parking as a service. Therefore, we constantly work on making parking easy and hassle-free to the benefit of both car drivers and customers.

When your car is parked you no longer need to struggle with a pay and display machine or a parking ticket. In the app you can register your car via its license plate and hereafter simply start your parking.

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Parking at Bellakvarter

Find more infomation about parking at Bellakvarter.

How do I rent a parking space?

If you are interested in renting a parking space, please contact APCOA PARKING’s customer service.

Phone: (+45) 70 23 13 31 (press 3)
Mail: ks@apcoa.dk

Below you will find the prices for hourly parking, resident parking, and company resident parking.


The prices for hourly parking, resident parking and company resident parking are listed below. VAT is included in all of the listed prices.

Hourly parking, parking garage 1 and 2
  • Monday-Friday (7AM-6PM): DKK 20 pr. hour
  • Monday-Friday (6PM-7AM: DKK 10 pr. hour
  • Saturday-Sunday (00AM to 11:59PM): DKK 10 pr. hour
  • Full day (24 hours, regardless of day): DKK 150
Hourly parking at Bella Sky (Bella Kvarter Terræn)
  • All days (00AM-11:59PM): DKK 25 pr. started hour
  • Full day (24 timer, regardless of day): DKK 150
Monthly parking, resident
  • Monthly parking (00AM-11:59PM): DKK 850.00
  • Montly parking Mon-Fri 5PM-7AM, plus Sat-Sun (00AM-11:59PM): DKK 630.00
Monthly parking, company resident
  • Monthly parking (00AM-11:59PM): DKK 1,673,75
  • Reserved unique parking space: DKK 3,090