APCOA PARKING Danmark A/S's mission is to offer the best and most convenient customer-friendly solutions in the parking industry. At APCOA PARKING Danmark A/S we view parking as a service. Therefore, we constantly work on making parking easy and hassle-free to the benefit of both car drivers and customers.

When your car is parked you no longer need to struggle with a pay and display machine or a parking ticket. In the app you can register your car via its license plate and hereafter simply start your parking.

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Havnens P-hus

APCOA PARKING Danmark administers the parking facilities in Havnens P-hus.

Photo: Sønderborg Municipality

About Havnens P-hus

In the parking garage there are approx. 450 parking spaces. You are allowed to park for free for two hours, after which you pay for additional parking time.

A bridge leading to Hotel Alsik can be found in the garage, making it possible to move between the hotel and the garage without having to go outside. In addition, there is a staircase which can be used by pedestrians to move between street level and the parking garage.

What should I do when parking in Havnens P-hus?

If you need to park for 2 hours or less:

If you need to park for longer than 2 hours:

  • The first two hours are free of charge. Hereafter, the price is DKK12.00 per started hour.
  • 24 hours: DKK120.00
Opening hours
  • The parking garage is always open.
  • Nørre Havnegade 42, 6400 Sønderborg